Assertiveness & Leadership Training

Communicating With People - Not Against People

Our effectiveness in an organization can be limited and frustrated by the different expectations and agendas of those who have an interest in what we do. Trying to overcome the blocks that we face when interpersonal issues and agendas arise can be time consuming and ultimately negative for the business.

This personal skills development program is for executives, professionals and senior managers, who as a critical part of their project work, need to effectively influence a range of people whose buy-in is essential in achieving a successful outcome for the business.

Aims: The aims of this workshop/seminar are the enable you to

  • Distinguish behavioural styles
  • Understand your own assertive behaviour
  • Understand how to handle aggressive behaviour
  • Learn effective communication styles
  • Be able to use appropriate assertiveness
  • Have the tools to deal with difficult people
  • Learn how to say “No”
  • Negotiate with people
  • Manage Conflict at a personal level within the workplace
  • Be more self confident in dealing with people


Does your job involve dealing with people?
Do you often have to get their buy-in to your ideas, plans or decisions?
Would a step-by-step process for achieving this be helpful?

Customised to your exact needs

We provide Personalised Coaching to enable executives and managers to develop effective, assertive leadership skills in order to build trust and support from your team.

Format & Schedule

One to one personal coaching - 4 x 2 hour sessions.
Small Group Training - 3 x 3 hour sessions

Expert, native English Trainers & Personal Coaches with extensive business and psychology backgrounds.

Course Outline
  • Session 1.  Assertiveness Profile: what's your default style?
  • Session 2.  Mapping & Differentiating your Assertiveness scenarios
  • Session 3. Warm on People,Tough on Issues. 
  • Session 4. Persuasion Methods: 1 way & 2 way movers
Who is The Assertiveness Training Workshop Suitable For?
It is suitable for HK, China & Asia Pacific based CEO’s, Executive Directors, Vice Presidents, Airline Pilots, Lawyers, Accountants,Auditors & other senior professionals who wish to push their business assertiveness skills to a new level.

Training Location
  • Corporate training: Your location in Hong Kong
  • Individual training & coaching: at our training centre in Wanchai, Hong Kong (HK Island MTR Line)

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