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Hold Your Audience with “Breakthrough Presentations”

Hold Your Audience with “Breakthrough Presentations”

When it comes to public speaking or giving a presentation, there are very few people who can claim to be totally comfortable in performing the task. The ones who are comfortable are generally the people who have been doing it for a while, or who have had some level of training in the art of presentation. The good news for those who are struggling with presentations is that it’s a skill that can be taught. There are very common mistakes that are made over and over again, and once those have been removed from the equation, it becomes a whole lot easier to deliver something engaging and memorable. This is where the “Breakthrough Presentation” course can really help.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of what’s included in the course, let’s take a moment to review the aforementioned common mistakes that can derail a presentation. The most obvious of these is a lack of preparation. It may seem as though you are all ready to go, but the lack of preparation often shines through once the audience starts asking questions or requests more information. It really looks unprofessional if you are unable to respond.
The slides used in a presentation are there to help drive home the point, but it’s the dialog that sells. Relying too much on the information contained on the slides is a mistake, as is looking at and focusing on the slides when your attention should be on the audience that you are talking to. There is also a belief that loading up the audience with as much information as possible is the way to go, but it doing so, you can often end up having them missing the key purpose of the presentation. A delicate balance needs to be stuck in order for things to go well.

The ”Breakthrough Presentations” course is designed to break people of those bad habits, and to teach them the principles of presentation that will help them deliver the goods when it comes time to speak. We don’t really have enough space here to list everything that the course covers, but what we can tell you is that if you have people in your organization who are required to present to investors or potential clients, this is a must. They will learn what is and isn’t important in a presentation, will understand how to create a great template, and will learn how to properly answer any and all questions quickly and concisely, whilst always staying on point. Plus, much more besides.

The course is designed for smaller groups, usually of 4-10 people, which means that everyone who attends gets the sort of attention that they need to earn the core principles being taught. If you have a business that relies on presentations in order to land new clients or investors, then the “Breakthrough Presentations” course is one that all relevant personnel in your company should attend. We guarantee you will quickly see the results when you commit to the course.

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