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The importance of Business Communication Skills in a Changing Financial Environment

The importance of Business Communication Skills in a Changing Financial Environment
It wasn’t so very long ago that most of the countries in the world found themselves caught up in an economic tailspin. While most have slowly started to crawl out of that depression, it has come at a bit of a cost to the average worker. Companies big and small are now routinely looking for cost cutting measures that can help them stay both competitive and profitable. This often means trimming the fat and keeping only those employees that are considered essential. The question that workers now need to know is what exactly it is that employers are looking for.
Given that business now operates on a global scale, even for the smallest of companies, the ability to effectively communicate is a trait that is in high demand when looking for essential personnel. These are generally the people who can take on a leadership role and help move the business forward. The problem that employees often face is that much of the world’s business is done in English, which is a second language for much of the working population. Developing excellent business communication skills in English may be what sets you apart from the crowd.
Management does not want people in their important meetings who sit back and say nothing, as it is assertiveness and a willingness to lead the conversation that stands out. If you are unsure of your language and communication skills, you are less likely to speak out, which makes it even less likely that you will be viewed as essential to the future growth of the business. If you feel that you are lacking in that area, then now is the time to look at taking a course that will help you develop great communications skills.
When you learn what it takes to be a great communicator, you can approach your career with total confidence. It can be a little scary to deliver presentations, lead a teleconference call, or enter into negotiations with potential clients, especially if you feel that your communication skills are lacking. You can soon become fearless in those critical business areas if you understand how to effectively communicate and sell yourself and your business to everyone you come into contact with. This is a skill that can be learned, even by those who are currently lacking in confidence and self-belief. It’s all a matter of having the right people teach these skills to you.
The great news here is that you do not need to invest a lot of time or money into learning effective communication skills, and what you do put into it will be repaid over and over again with the advances that you will make in your career. Offices across the world are shrinking in size as businesses streamline in order to be more cost-effective. If you want to be a part of the team that moves your current business forward, then you need to get on board with improving your business communication skills.

Hold Your Audience with “Breakthrough Presentations”

Hold Your Audience with “Breakthrough Presentations”

When it comes to public speaking or giving a presentation, there are very few people who can claim to be totally comfortable in performing the task. The ones who are comfortable are generally the people who have been doing it for a while, or who have had some level of training in the art of presentation. The good news for those who are struggling with presentations is that it’s a skill that can be taught. There are very common mistakes that are made over and over again, and once those have been removed from the equation, it becomes a whole lot easier to deliver something engaging and memorable. This is where the “Breakthrough Presentation” course can really help.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of what’s included in the course, let’s take a moment to review the aforementioned common mistakes that can derail a presentation. The most obvious of these is a lack of preparation. It may seem as though you are all ready to go, but the lack of preparation often shines through once the audience starts asking questions or requests more information. It really looks unprofessional if you are unable to respond.
The slides used in a presentation are there to help drive home the point, but it’s the dialog that sells. Relying too much on the information contained on the slides is a mistake, as is looking at and focusing on the slides when your attention should be on the audience that you are talking to. There is also a belief that loading up the audience with as much information as possible is the way to go, but it doing so, you can often end up having them missing the key purpose of the presentation. A delicate balance needs to be stuck in order for things to go well.

The ”Breakthrough Presentations” course is designed to break people of those bad habits, and to teach them the principles of presentation that will help them deliver the goods when it comes time to speak. We don’t really have enough space here to list everything that the course covers, but what we can tell you is that if you have people in your organization who are required to present to investors or potential clients, this is a must. They will learn what is and isn’t important in a presentation, will understand how to create a great template, and will learn how to properly answer any and all questions quickly and concisely, whilst always staying on point. Plus, much more besides.

The course is designed for smaller groups, usually of 4-10 people, which means that everyone who attends gets the sort of attention that they need to earn the core principles being taught. If you have a business that relies on presentations in order to land new clients or investors, then the “Breakthrough Presentations” course is one that all relevant personnel in your company should attend. We guarantee you will quickly see the results when you commit to the course.

Why effective business presentation skills are essential for senior managers and executives

Presentation Skills Training Coaching

Why effective business presentation skills are essential for senior managers and executives

If you ask the average person what one of their biggest fears is, you would probably hear many people say how nervous they are about talking in public. Most people will never actually have to do so, but in the case of those in senior management, public speaking is something that they are likely going to have to do on a fairly regular basis. If you are moving up the corporate ladder in your company, and you know that you are going to have to start regularly delivering presentations, you might want to consider taking the presentation course offered by Communication Skills Hong Kong.

Being able to build presentation skills is not just about learning how to control your nerves when speaking in front of a crow, although that is a part of the course. In order to feel confident, you need to have properly prepared in advance of the presentation, as that in itself will help you start to build a high level of confidence. It’s also important that you can speak clearly, and use English words and phrases that are relevant to your business and the presentation that you are giving.

When you are based in Hong Kong, there is a very good chance that the business presentation you give is going to have to be delivered in English. That in itself can cause nerves to arise, especially if you struggle with certain elements of the English language. A successful presentation depends on your being able to convey the elements and ideas in a way that everyone can understand. Your presentation coach can work with you on improving your verbal skills, so that you can then just concentrate on putting the visual element of the presentation together.

While many of these types of courses are taught to a class using one specific style, the Communication Skills Hong Kong way of doing things relies more on one on one work with a presentation coach. Each of the coaches has the knowledge and experience of business presentations and public speaking that is needed to get you over your fears. They even suggest that you bring the presentation you are currently working on so that the course can be catered to suit what it is you are trying to deliver with your presentation.

There are a variety of different strategies used to help you get comfortable and get your presentation to a place where it is sure to impress everyone in the room.
Most people do all they can to avoid speaking in public or delivering presentations, but when you start moving up in the business world, it’s something that simply cannot be avoided. If career advancement is your goal, then this course delivered by Communication Skills Hong Kong is an absolute must. You will learn how to properly prepare for your presentation and then delver it in a way that is sure to impress. You will also find that the presentation skills you learn here will apply to other parts of your life where you have to talk in public.

What does and Effective Sales Presentation Entail? - Presentation Skills Training Workshops Hong Kong HK

What does and Effective Sales Presentation Entail?

- Presentation Skills Training Workshops Hong Kong HK
Mark Halwani
While sales are the focus of any salesperson's career, they can often get very complicated. When presenting your product or service to prospects, it is important to understand that not all prospects are the same. They will respond differently to the price when comparing it to the value that they get. Few sales will ever be made unless you have the ability to convince the prospect that the value of what you are selling outweighs the cost. However, there are certain aspects of your presentation that you must pay attention to.

Planning your presentation

It is important to ensure that you prepare adequately for your presentation as this will help you be organized, prepared and confident. Preparing for the presentation involves finding out about the prospect so you can customize the presentation appropriately. For instance, it is important to determine the dominant value of your product or service for the prospect and plan your presentation to stress this value.

Ingredients for an effective presentation

It helps to think of the presentation as a combination of content, style and rapport. When any of these ingredients are missing from your presentation, you decrease your chances of making the sale. Having adequate content requires that you have valuable facts about the product's usefulness, but your presentation will not be effective if you do not build rapport or deliver your presentation in a style that the prospect will find appealing.

Interactive presentation

An effective presentation is one that is interactive, which means that you must involve the prospect at every point of the presentation. One of the ways that you can do this is to ask the prospect questions that explore his or her needs and then propose workable solutions. Ensure that you are concise and factual as customers feel more comfortable buying from a person they feel is straightforward and honest. It is also important to maintain your prospect's attention. For instance, allowing him or her to have physical contact with the product or physically demonstrating how it works should help lead to a sale.

Take your time

There are numerous ways in which you can make a sale, but it is important to take your time during the presentation. When a customer feels rushed to make a decision, this compromises the quality of your presentation and you will likely lose the sale. If you have other time commitments, it would be better to postpone the presentation altogether. Only when the customer indicates that he or she is ready to make a purchase should you ask for a sale.

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Career Development in Presentations - Hong Kong Presentation Skills Courses and Training Workshops (HK)

Career Development in Presentations

- Hong Kong Presentation Skills Courses and Training Workshops (HK)
Samantha Caine
Careers are what everybody lives for; they are what dictate our achievements in life and how we get to contribute to the society. A well chosen career is also a motivator to any individual who wants to enjoy their working life and the rest of their future; it is where anyone can easily fall astray if the choices are not streamlined for them. It is therefore important to get relevant career development guides for better planning.
Whenever you need your career development guides to work out for you, you have to set your targets and be oriented to a particular goal. In career development the achievements have to be outlined even if probability is low that they may be achieved and therefore, this should be first in personal view of presenting your plans. Before involving oneself with career development guides, one has to also ask themselves why they seek to achieve what they are working on and also try to challenge themselves with the importance of this objective to the future.

Business Presentation Course Boosts Your Career

Another part of the effective career development is being equipped with skills in presenting of information in a logical way and being able to win over the audience. Some of the challenges that people go through in the push to become successful in their career pertains to the presentation skills that seem to lack in many. Another setback comes from the conception of people thinking of standing in front of a crowd and communicating information to them, a lacking in adequate guide to presentations so that they do not break out in sweat or choke in anguish. What the common career development guides do not detail in advice to those in need of presentation skills is what makes many people make wrong choices and fail in the careers.
The basic concepts that need to be included in a guide to presentations include how to gather information for the presentation and therefore provide you with adequate data to work with and prove the guide to presentations is effective. A better directive for the presentation is based on helping you gather information about the audience or the participants in the presentations, this should not lack guide to presentations. Effective career development guides are consistent organization of study information so that the trainee or student can grasp the requirements easily and be able to offer practical examples to the whole course.
When assigned a duty and you have to present the results or findings, therefore seeking a guide to presentations can help to show you how to produce effective and reputable presentations. When you get a guide to presentations and need to determine its effectiveness, you have to consider how it details information on how to organize your slides for presentation and how to create appeal in the presentation area. Extra points should be encouraged as such information is what helps a reader know how to develop confidence in presentations and also helps them cope with difficult presentation situations; this determines efficiency of guide to presentations.
Samantha Caine is the author of this article on
Guide to Presentations. Find more information, about Career Development Guides here.
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Learn Presentation Skills in Hong Kong HK Asia - Training Courses for Companies and Individual managers and CEOs

Learn Effective Presentation Skills for Maximum Career, Life and Relationship Success - HK Presentation Skills Course Hong Kong Asia

Learn Effective Presentation Skills

- for Maximum Career, Life and Relationship Success - HK Presentation Skills Course Hong Kong Asia
Rebecca E Mills

Presentation skills

are very essential during conversations and communication. Accurate and precise way of conversing with someone or a group of people can be achieved effectively only by learning the correct method of presentation techniques.
The following are the some of the ways with which one can develop his/her presentation technique:
Always be well organized with your communication skills. Some people have stage fright, and often forget their lines due to nervousness. Hence being very well equipped with your lines is one of the most important presentation skills which one needs to excel at before giving a speech or communicating in front of a large number of people
Understand your audience- It is very important to understand the mindset of your audience before you start conversing with them. A better knowledge about the kind of people you are dealing with will definitely help you with the subject matter that you would be talking about, thereby getting a desired response.
Always try to create a positive first impression. With the way one dresses, speaks, uses correct English language while communicating and portrays appropriate body language, one can have a drastic impact on people. Therefore never miss an opportunity to have an impact on people by creating a positive first impression.
While speeches and presentation events, do make sure that you constantly maintain eye contact with the crowd, and give a personal approach to it. Make the audience feel that their input is needed in order to keep them involved in the discussion and try to get a feedback from them from time to time.
Be enthusiastic in your approach, so that the entire atmosphere is more relaxed than formal. This could help you too, in releasing out any nervousness or tension.
Finally, do not make your presentation in the form of a theory; rather present it in a way that is much casual and understandable to most, in simple language. Keep it short, simple and precise.Do not just read out from your notes; instead add some of your personal experiences in the presentation to give it a personalized touch.

Mastering proper presentation skills

will actually make people want to listen to you.
Celebrity Charisma is what we all crave - but dare not admit! Wouldn't it be great to master
effective presentation skills? More Seductive? More powerful and engaging? Can you imagine how your life would change when you start to attract people to you - easily! Thankfully you don't need wads of cash, years or pain to appear more attractive and commanding. Just get the right system, tips and techniques and get that man or women, win that client and get celebrity wow now!
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Presentation Skills Training Courses in Hong Kong HK

Presentation Skills and Their Role in Career Development - Presentation Skills Training Courses and Workshops in Hong Kong Presentation Skills and Their Role in Career Development - Presentation Skills Training Courses and Workshops in Hong Kong Presentation Skills and Their Role in Career Development - Presentation Skills Training Courses and Workshops in Hong Kong Presentation Skills and Their Role in Career Development - Presentation Skills Training Courses and Workshops in Hong Kong

Presentation Skills and Their Role in Career Development

- Presentation Skills Training Courses and Workshops in Hong Kong

John Traveler
Presentation skills mean much more than the ability to speak in front of a large crowd. As a career person, it is vitally important to be able to have efficient presentational skills that will enable you to communicate your ideas and thoughts effectively thus developing your career further. You will need to develop these skills so that you can use them through out the course of your career.
Developing efficient presentation skills requires you to have a high level of confidence. Developing a high level of confidence will enable you to stand in front of a large crowd. It will also enable you to give good presentations.
In order to enhance career development by acquiring good presentation skills, you will need to be familiar with technology. These days' public speeches have developed from one-man speech to feature various media visuals such as using power point. Others include short impromptu speeches and educational training sessions.
Therefore, to be able to make use of such technological advancements, you will need to sharpen your skills and acquire training on use of such items.
Practice makes perfect. This is particularly, true when it comes to making a presentation. Even speeches in schools, at weddings and at funerals are forms of presentations that require you to be well equipped with presentation skills.
Therefore, in order to perfect your presentation skills and develop your career, consider taking part in a number of public presentations.
The other way through which you can develop presentation skills in your career is by relaxing. Strange as it might sound, being able to relax while giving a presentation will increase the chances of you giving a good speech.
Most people would rather be asked to jump off a cliff than give a presentation in front of a large crowd. However, in order not to fall a victim of this kind of fear, consider relaxing when in front of a large group of people.
Effective presentation skills require you to prepare adequately before giving public speeches in the course of your career. Research has shown that good preparation and adequate rehearsal will increase your chances of giving good presentations by at least 60%.
Eight Hour - Your guide to climbing the Corporate Ladder.
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Presentation Skills - Ten Tips for Making Effective Presentations - Training Courses in Hong Kong HK

Presentation Skills - Ten Tips for Making Effective Presentations

By Tony Goddard

Have you got a presentation coming up? Are you concerned about how it will go? I expect we have all been to a presentation where within minutes our mind has started to wander and our only thought is - when will this end? So how do you avoid inflicting this experience on your audience? The ten great tips in this article will enable you to create and deliver a powerful presentation.
In any presentation you do, start with the purpose. What is it you want from your audience as a result of your presentation? Agreement to your recommendations? Or their views on your proposal? Make your purpose explicit at the start, that way your audience are tuned in for what you want from them.
Straight after you have given your purpose make sure you explain to your audience what the benefit of the presentation is for them. For example it may be that it will give them the opportunity to influence the proposals for a £1m project spend. Or it may be that by agreeing to your proposals the company will save £600k per annum. Wherever possible quantify the benefit in some way. Your audience now know what you want from them and the benefit of the presentation for them, so they should be onside and tuned in.
Structure and Time
Next give your audience what the presentation will cover and in what order. Then let them know how long it will take. Be sure to cover how you want to handle questions - on the way through, or at the end. As a general rule no presentation should last for more than 20 minutes. People tend to lose concentration within 5 minutes! If you have a lot of information to impart consider having a detailed handout that you can distribute at the end. When making a presentation time for audience questions. This will be your chance to see how well they have understood your points and a chance for you to clarify any misunderstandings.

Content Overload

If you are using slides keep the maximum number of points per slide to five. Present using bullet points and not paragraphs. Remember the presentation is for your audience, not to provide you with a script. Keep the number of slides you use to the absolute minimum.
Ensure you find ways to interact with your audience. You could for example ask for views on a particular point, or ask for their experience on a topic. During the presentation use we rather than you and I, e.g. I'm sure we would all agree; not, I'm sure you would agree.
Practice Practice Practice
Great presenters make it all look very natural and easy. However if you ask them you will find that they rehearse their presentation aloud at least three times before doing it live. This way they are confident that they know the content and can focus on delivering it in a polished and professional way. If you do this you too will find that you are far more confident, less hesitant and able to project yourself and your proposals in a powerful manner.
Another good reason for rehearsal is that it allows you to time your presentation. There is nothing worse than your audience discovering that what was due to be a 20 minute presentation drags on for 40 minutes. They may have other things they had planned to do. If you do this when presenting as part of an interview process there is a good chance the recruiter will fail you. It shows a lack of planning and organisation on your part. These may be important skills in the job for which you are applying.


It's a good idea to have some kind of handout that summarises the presentation. Tell people you will circulate this after the presentation - it avoids them taking needless notes. Never give out a copy of your slides before you start or during your presentation. This will lead to your audience running through your slides ahead of you and they will not be paying attention to what you are saying.
Check Out the Room
Before the day check the room for your presentation. How will the audience seating be arranged? Will everyone be able to see and hear you?

Format and Design

What may look brilliant on your laptop as a power point presentation may not be so good for the person sitting furthest away from you. Avoid dark backgrounds and too much coloured writing - this can make slides really hard to see from a distance. Try out your presentation in a room of the same size as the one you will be using. Make sure everyone will be able to see what's on your slides.
As a professional Executive Coach I have worked with many Managers to build their presentation skills. By following these ten tips you will keep your audience's attention and have a successful presentation. You will come across in a confident, but relaxed and professional way.
Tony Goddard is an Executive Coach and has successfully worked with managers in many business sectors to help them achieve their coaching objectives. The company has a specific expertise in leadership, change management and career development topics. More information on the Company and its clients is available on the website
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