Top 5 Sales Tips and Negotiation Skills

Top 5 Sales Tips and Negotiation Skills

Theodore Olson

Short and sweet...

1) Ask For It

If you don't ask for the sale you won't get it. This may sound simplistic, but many salespeople forget this basic tenant. It's the most important sales tool you possess and also
THE MOST EFFECTIVE. Of course you need to adapt and find the most effective way and best timing to "ask for it" for your particular industry and product - but you have to ask!

2) Follow Up

You are not going to close every deal on the spot - that's OK! A good follow up plan will maximize your sales velocity. During the boom times we often let follow up slip. This is a bad habit. Follow up is critical to sales negotiation as many buyers are simply using "radio silence" as a very effective tactic. Take control and follow up - be specific and set the time frame expectations.

3) Sales Training

You may be good, but you can always improve. It's important for YOU to explore different sales training techniques. You may just increase your salary! As sales representatives we need to stay sharp. It's easy to fall into bad habits - don't! Stick with positive people and stay open to learning.

4) Attitude

You need a positive attitude plain and simple! There's no way around this. If you want to sell, you must be able to maintain a positive mood during
sales negotiations - even when they're going bad. Your clients can and will drive you crazy - expect this - and prepare for it!

5) Sales Drive

Hey - if you you're not driven, excited, and enthusiastic then why in hell would any one want to buy your product? You and only you are responsible to maintain your sales MOJO! Do whatever you have to! Tape a $100 bill on your computer! Hang an inspirational picture! Stand on your freaking head! Do whatever works for you!
-Theodore P. Olson Editor-in-chief, The Holy Grail of
Sales Techniques
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