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What does and Effective Sales Presentation Entail?

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Mark Halwani
While sales are the focus of any salesperson's career, they can often get very complicated. When presenting your product or service to prospects, it is important to understand that not all prospects are the same. They will respond differently to the price when comparing it to the value that they get. Few sales will ever be made unless you have the ability to convince the prospect that the value of what you are selling outweighs the cost. However, there are certain aspects of your presentation that you must pay attention to.

Planning your presentation

It is important to ensure that you prepare adequately for your presentation as this will help you be organized, prepared and confident. Preparing for the presentation involves finding out about the prospect so you can customize the presentation appropriately. For instance, it is important to determine the dominant value of your product or service for the prospect and plan your presentation to stress this value.

Ingredients for an effective presentation

It helps to think of the presentation as a combination of content, style and rapport. When any of these ingredients are missing from your presentation, you decrease your chances of making the sale. Having adequate content requires that you have valuable facts about the product's usefulness, but your presentation will not be effective if you do not build rapport or deliver your presentation in a style that the prospect will find appealing.

Interactive presentation

An effective presentation is one that is interactive, which means that you must involve the prospect at every point of the presentation. One of the ways that you can do this is to ask the prospect questions that explore his or her needs and then propose workable solutions. Ensure that you are concise and factual as customers feel more comfortable buying from a person they feel is straightforward and honest. It is also important to maintain your prospect's attention. For instance, allowing him or her to have physical contact with the product or physically demonstrating how it works should help lead to a sale.

Take your time

There are numerous ways in which you can make a sale, but it is important to take your time during the presentation. When a customer feels rushed to make a decision, this compromises the quality of your presentation and you will likely lose the sale. If you have other time commitments, it would be better to postpone the presentation altogether. Only when the customer indicates that he or she is ready to make a purchase should you ask for a sale.

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