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Identify, build and manage your own proactive communication style as work

Needing to say the right thing at the right time in a face-to-face situation, no matter how straightforward, can cause stress and anxiety, especially if we need to use a second language to do so. In this course, we provide responses, initiatives and interventions for 8 major communication situations which managers in multinational organizations must deal with confidently and effectively.

Who For
This advanced level course is designed for second language speakers of English who are working in or with multi-national organizations and who are required to interact with colleagues and managers on a regular basis, professionally and socially, in English.

Participants are introduced to key English language strategies and techniques which, when practiced and developed using their own individual style, give them the tools they need to communicate in a wide range of situations, including:
1. initiate a greeting or meeting opening & introduce a general interest topic
2. select and ask questions from a range of styles and express a point of view
3. check for clarification of meaning
4. re-focus and keep a meeting on track
5. get back into a discussion
6. give and receive advice
7. support and agree
8. summarize & review


By the conclusion of this course, participants will have mastered the tools required to successfully carry out each of the above communication scenarios and have used them in dynamic case study situations which reinforce and develop the new learning which has been introduced.

This 8 hour course can be taken in the following formats:
  • Format A. 1 day workshop for companies, in-house, a maximum of 16 participants
  • Format B. 4 x 2 hour sessions for 1-4 participants

Training Location
  • Corporate training: Your location in Hong Kong
  • Individual training & coaching: at our training centre in Wanchai, Hong Kong (HK Island MTR Line)

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